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  • Head of Veg Full Time Part Time

    Tofu King Tasty Butthampton, Haynus £10,000 - £10,005 Per Annum, Inc. Benefits, OTE

    Do you have a passion for cabbage? A hot spot for spuds? A stiff one for cucumbers?   If so,...

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  • Chemistry Scientist Part Time

    Brian McOnions Lower Staines, Skidshire £100,000 - £100,001 Per Annum, Inc. Benefits, OTE

    Do you know what Chemistry is? And can you make it happen?   If so, I need you to come...

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  • Help Wanted Full Time Part Time

    Margarine Poops Gimpchester, Warts £1,000 - £1,001 Per Annum, Inc. Benefits, OTE

    Help wanted. No reason really. I just want some help in general. I’m a bit lonely and bored so someone to...

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  • Too Many Cooks Full Time

    Solutions Monkey West Klunt, Titshampton £1,000,000 - £1,000,005 Per Annum, Inc. Benefits, OTE

    Are you the sort of colleague who likes to blame their mistakes on others? Do you often shift the blame...

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  • Working Mum Full Time

    AbraKebabra Pumper’s Canal, Warts £20 - £25 Per Annum, Inc. Benefits, OTE

    Do you have any kids? Are you very busy 24/7 running around after them and constantly cleaning things up? Are...

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  • “Yeah, they got me a job n that” Brian Trousers, Upper Minge, Wartshire, Fortune 500 CEO

  • “When I had a spot of thrush Accolade Recruitment were first at the door with some Greek Bio-Yoghurt. I’ll never forget that. They even rubbed it in. Thanks guys!” Marilyn Monroe, Fluckton, Flaps, Painter and Decorator

  • “Munto came round and sorted out problems we had in our house with both squirrels and mice. We were impressed with his knowledge and speed of service and he genuinely seemed to care, which helped put us at ease.  Would recommend Accolade Pest Control for any pest problem that you may have.” George Hobnobs, Titshampton, General T.W.A.T

  • “In an industry that attracts those who hide behind a fragile patina of hubris and bravado, it’s rare to find the real deal. Accolade Recruitment is a genuine bona fide top recruiter who is also one of the nicest people I have ever known. I highly recommend Accolade Recruitment and her work.” Scott Fudd, Gimpchester, Flaps, People Trafficker

  • “I have met literally thousands of recruiters in my role as a coach and consultant/trainer/twat to those in the industry. Accolade Recruitment is one of the most impressive, and one who has earned not just my respect, but also my daughter.” Hugh Gender, Squifford Lunge, Football Manager

  • “It’s rare to find someone with a clearly defined value system who is also adept at the nuance and achievement skills required to function as a high performing executive search consultant. Accolade Recruitment is that woman – or man.” Ivana Havit-Orff, Lower Piles, Condom Tester

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