Airport Check-In Conflict Management Certificate

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60 years, Part-time

Are you interested in working as a Check-In Agent? Turn your computer into an airport check-in system and experience the buzz of working as a Passenger Service Agent and irritating paying customers.

The aim of this course is to enable students to understand the nature of check-in conflict and effectively handle conflict situations through deploying appropriate methods such as ignoring the passenger, abusing your authority and hiding behind the ‘terrorist/security measures’ excuse.


Check-In Conflict and Anger

  •     Understand and cause the sources and nature of conflict
  •     Consider different conflict-creating styles
  •     Learn to understand and deal with anger – especially when upsetting your passengers

Listening / Not Listening

  •     Understand the listening process and how to more effectively ignore complainers
  •     Deal with prejudices which may damage your ability to listen
  •     Beware of traps for listeners such as giving a shit


  •     Understand the nature of passenger versus airline conflicts and how to keep them going until the gate closes
  •     Learn how the experts approach and fuel conflict situations
  •     Understand the joint problem solving approach and ignore it
  •     Consider strategies for furthering difficult situations


  •     Understand the meaning and nature of mediation and ignore it
  •     Know when mediation is useful such as if you fancy a passenger
  •     Deal with problems that can arise during this process such as going to the toilet


There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course although being gay, smug and always thinking you’re right would be a great advantage. As would being a middle-aged woman who’s seen slightly better days, looks and career wise.


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