Cupcake Decorating

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300 Months, Part-time/Full- time

Provided by SMARTIE Pants Bakeries, Jamrag, Warts

You love eating and you want to work from home. Why not combine the two? This online course is designed to introduce you to baking sweet little delights and start your own multi-million pound

cupcake business – assuming you don’t eat the lot!

As food scientists have proven everyone loves cupcakes and anyone who says they don’t is a big fat liar!

You will learn easy to learn techniques that will make decorating fun and enjoyable. Be ready to amaze your dear ones with your new and perfected decorating skills and also run an amazing

business which will make everyone well jel!

We have also worked together with industry specialists like that old woman from the telly to give you the latest tips, techniques and insights to help you achieve your goals.

Course Syllabus

1: Introduction

2: Creating heavenly delicious cupcakes

3: Tasting

5: 100s and 1000s

5: Fillings

6: Eating

5: Festive and Seasonal treats

7: More Tasting

8: More Eating

9: Chocolate

10: Weddings

11: A bit more tasting

12: A bit more eating

13:: Equipment

14: Recipes

15: Eating again

Key features

  • 24/7 access for 300 months
  • Extension availability
  • Very large pink certificate upon successful completion
  • Tutor Support Team First Monday in May
  • Live Chat feature every December 2nd


  • Internet connection
  • Own iPhone
  • Knowledge on using the Internet
  • Under age 6 – parental approval needed

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