Cut Your Own Hair Diploma

Was £136.25 Now £480! 

Save on Haircuts%!


North West Clunts

25 Minutes, Part-time

Provided by Cluntshire Hair-Do College

What is it?

Have you often been angry following a haircut? Wasn’t it quite the look you wanted?

Did it cost you good money you could have spent on drinking or fags instead?

If so this could be course for you.

Who is it for?



Using a selection of scissors, knives, spoons and mirrors provided, you’ll learn basic snipping before moving on to hacking, chopping, curling, demi-waving and shaving.

You’ll be fully monitored by expert army barbers (and some butchers) at all times (except during lunch) and all implements will probably be clean before you use them.

A full range of gels, sticky creams and a brush will also be available (at an additional cost of £9.99).

What qualifications could I achieve? 

“Cutting Your Own Hair” is also fully recognised by the official City and Guilds Board, Cluntshire (probably).

What can the course lead to?

Saving money every month

How do I join the course?

Contact the college and make out a cheque for £480 in the name of Major Digby Forsythe-Clitoris. (That’s not me. That’s an official requirement). And you don’t even have to be gay either.

Are there any extra costs for equipment/materials?

Yes – You must wear a tight t-shirt, moccasins and skinny jeans at a cost of £60 approx


  • Hair
  • Money
  • Skinny Jeans

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