MLTI Colour Personality Test for the Workplace

The Myarse–Litissore Type Indicator (MLTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

The MLTI was constructed by Wartshire-based freelance psychiatrists, Piers Myarse and his flatmate, Mike Litissore, in 1987 after a massive drugs binge.

The test is based on the typological theory proposed by famous Austrian, pyscho-anal- cyst, Betty Swallox, who speculated that there are five principal psychological functions in the human experience that can be represented by the colours, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black. (Not lilac or beige or any of those crappy ones).

It should be noted that because number 5 is Black, meaning Death, we’ve steered clear of that one as dead people don’t tend to fill out the form properly.

So which colour are you in the workplace? Take the (unlucky for some) 13 question test now!

1. When facing a big project you are…


2. When a colleague asks for a favour, you . . .


3. When needing ideas for a new project do you…


4. If you were climbing a mountain, and a member of your team couldn’t go on, what would you do?


5. Imagine you had to put some furniture together, how would you go about it?


6. If a colleague is upset, how would you deal with it?


7. If somebody at work has made you angry, how do you react?


8. How do you think other people might describe you?


9. If you overheard a colleague talking about you, which of these statements would upset you most?


10. Which of these things do you value most about employment?


11. What is your attitude to workplace friendships?


12. There is an important deadline coming up and it looks like your team might not make it. What will you do?


13. Which of these would you be most satisfied with at the end of a project you were leading?


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