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3 Years, Full-time

Provided by Ideas Genie, Warts

Provided by Cluntshire Hair-Do College

People are desperate to get fit and sexy but none of the lazy buggers wants to go a horrible sweaty gym in town and get laughed at by buffed-up self-obsessed model types!

However, the good news is some of them are willing to pay a personal trainer to come round to their flat or bedsit and train them. That’s where you come in.


Designed to teach you all there is to know in order to get set up as a freelance personal trainer and work from home, our Personal Trainer course will teach you how to set up fitness programmes that suit your client’s individual needs (such as walking on the spot or bending once or twice).

And you don’t even have to that fit yourself as most of it just wearing tight gym gear and waving your arms about.

There’s also a fantastic chance that you might get to shag some of them as top industry experts have estimated that around 120% (or more than half) of the people who hire a personal trainer usually sleep with them inside the first month.

Partly because they lack self-confidence and party because they are thick and believe all the health and fitness hype being pedalled by the telly. So imagine that… getting paid to shag people whilst wearing your favourite tracksuit!

Course Syllabus

1. What is a body?

2. What bits are moveable?

3. Legs and Bums

4. Fat Stomachs

5. Buying a tracksuit

6. Getting to know your equipment (penis)

7. Moving your arms up and down

8. Bending over

9. Squatting

10. Shagging

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