Top 5 Desktop Distractions In The Workplace

Easily distracted? You’re not alone…
In fact according to our latest research, the average UK worker dedicates 333 minutes to ‘me-time’ every single day. And yes, reading social media posts in the toilet does count as ‘me-time’.

To help see if you’re bit of a slacker, here are the top five desktop distractions following an extensive survey* of workers across the UK.

5. Looking at colleagues arses
A whopping 80% of workers (or nearly 3 out of 5) admit that looking at colleagues arses takes up the majority of their ‘me time’.

This number probably isn’t all that surprising, especially if your company doesn’t have any formal rules around staring at arses.

Understandably, whether you’re male, female, trans-thingy or both, some colleagues have very attractive arses and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t stare longingly at it wishing that one day, you’d be able to see it in the nude and possibly touch it, lick it and stick something in it.

Just stick to a general rule of staring for no more than 10 seconds, or if you’re spotted, 5 seconds.

And it’s not just arses either. Breasts, genitals and feet score pretty highly too so be careful out there!

4. Thinking about the weekend
Right up there alongside staring at arses is the fact that nearly a quarter of us (38%) confessed that we couldn’t get through the day without thinking about the weekend.

The thought of two days away from the miserable grind of the office and stupid arrogant people you hate doing all the lovely things you like doing with no one to bother you is just too much of a distraction.

But there does seem to be a slight difference in behavior when it comes to gender. Almost two thirds of men (94%) said that this was what cheered them up most, but only 37% of women (or nearly 2 out 7) seemed to share the male penchant for sitting around in their pants drinking and watching porn.

3. Planning a massive drinking session
As part of the ‘thinking about the weekend’ dream, planning a massive drinking session also scored highly in the distraction stakes.

An amazing 100% (or almost everyone) of those surveyed said that this was a key source of contentment.

From wondering what to drink and how much of it in what order, to checking out the best establishments and inviting the right blend of people via WhatsApp, Skype, FB and email made this office past-time a major diversion.

Our advice? Don’t change a winning team. If it makes the day go by that bit faster and leaves you with a contented smile then just keep at it.

If anything, download (or invent) an App to make it even more fun which allows you to add to drinks, pubs, and friends to a list that can be constantly updated for the perfect weekend (or evening) drinking session.

Random Important Looking Equation
Random Important Looking Equation

2. Checking your phone
Wondering how popular you are and checking to see how many ‘likes’ your last selfie got is another major ‘distraction’ offender .

The second biggest distraction highlighted by all those surveyed was simply checking the phone to see if there were any updates on anything at all. Something which, it seems, takes up a surprising amount of time when it comes to our self-obsessed daily schedules.

Personally, we blame WhatsApp because, unfortunately, we don’t have any data for Tinder, Cheater, Skulker or any of those other shagging apps.

1. Browsing the internet
Let’s face it, the internet is a pretty distracting place with porn, comedy, funny cats and the Daily Mail.

Which might be why over 100% (or more than everyone) of those we surveyed named browsing as their number one desktop distraction.

And whether it’s checking out the latest celebrity sex tape , getting sucked in by misleading or untrue headlines in the Mail or laughing at that grumpy cat that falls backwards into a large pan of boiling fat when it tries to catch a wasp, it seems most of us can’t quite keep this temptation at bay.

And the worst offenders of this digital distraction? Civil Servants.

Something to think about next time you check your tax returns.

*Over 8 people who worked in the UK at some point in the last 25 years were surveyed extensively by Accolade

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